‘A Whale’s Tale’ is a story ‘drawn’ from life, following the friendship between a whale named Wonder and a picture book named Tale. Over time and across seasons, Wonder pours art from his heart - by painting the pages of Tale.

As an expression of words, watercolours, and lines – about love, loss, life, and learning to let go, ‘A Whale’s Tale’ will appeal to all who resonate with these themes. Set against the global COVID-19 pandemic, many may connect with the depiction of this current landscape of the COVID new normal.

The story is also a love letter to Melbourne –  a city whose famed food and coffee culture kept it going through six lockdowns in a rotating merry-go-round of delivery cyclists. Puppies at play and picnics are plentiful through this pandemic.

It is a picture book about the creation of a picture book, and the world that inspired it. We all have our own whale tale. This is mine.

It’s going to be a ‘Wonder’-full story.

As seasons passed, Wonder reframed things and the edges of memories felt kinder.

Setting Sail Spring 2022

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